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Christine Barger



Courting Chaos                                               Supporting                                Dir. Alan Clay

The Activist                                                     Supporting                               Dir. Cyril Morin

Nesting                                                        Supporting                                  Dir. John Chuldenko

Made Of Honor                                            Supporting                                  Dir. Paul Weiland

American Pie Presents: Beta House           Lead                                            Dir. Andrew Waller

Killer Pad                                                     Supporting                                   Dir. Robert Englund

Pulse                                                           Supporting                                   Dir.  Jim Sonzero

* Doubt, the Thief                                        Supporting                                   Dir. James Byndon

Thy Animal                                                  Supporting                                   Dir. Michael Roach

I Love You, I’m Dying                                  Lead                                             Dir. Kimberly Ridley

Along Came Polly                                        Supporting                                   Dir. John Hamburg

Stump the Millionaire                                   Lead                                             Dir. Rod C. Spence

Who’s the Dummy                                       Lead                                             Dios Ex Machina

Showtime                                                    Lead                                             Project Create




Days of Our Lives                                           Recurring                               NBC

iCarly                                                           Guest Star                                   Nickelodeon

90210                                                              Co-Star                                         CW

Party Down                                                  Co-Star                                         Starz

Wizards of Waverly Place                          Co-star                                         Disney

Ghost Whisperer                                        Co-star                                         ABC

Lez Be Friends (pilot)                                 Starring                                        Stonewalled Productions

Character Road Trip                                   Guest Star                                    USA Network

ER                                                               Co-Star                                         NBC

Dexter                                                         Co-Star                                        Showtime

On The Lot ‘Dress for Success”                 U5                                                Fox

What Perez Says                                        U5                                                VH1

North Mission Road                                    Guest Star                                    Vantage Point Productions/ Court TV

Suzy Says (pilot)                                        Starring                                        JSTV

WFCT (pilot)                                                Series Regular                            Mad Men at Large Productions

Road Crew                                                 Co-Star                                         Nickelodeon

Last Call w/Carson Daly                            Co-Star                                         NBC       

Them                                                          Guest Star                                    NBC

Star Struck (Pilot)                                       Co-star                                         E!




Comedy Clubs include: The Improv, Flapper's, Pala Casino, Snickerz, The Comedy Store...

8 Ball @ The LA Connection                     Member                                          Los Angeles

Scriptease Improv Troupe                         Member                                          Los Angeles

Tom Joyner Show                                     Comedienne/Ventriloquist              ABC

America’s Low Budget Superstar             Comedienne/Ventriloquist              LATV

Tuesday Night Live                                    Comedienne/Ventriloquist              The NOHO Actors Studio



Dying Game    Lead April Wade

Meter Maids                                               Guest Star/Ventriloquist  

Short Term                                                 Guest Star/Ventriloquist                Shorttermtv     

SHEtv                                                         Host/Ventriloquist                          Sugar Hooker Entertainment

THEATRE (partial list)


JUNK: A Rock Opera                               Ensemble (original cast)                Steve Allen Theatre, CA

In Communicado                                        Annie                                              Nest Arts, CA

Book of Joe                                               Various roles                                  The Next Stage, CA

Dancing Street Show                               Curious George                               Universal Studios, CA

A Rose by Any Other Name…                  Alice/Miranda                                  Ethos Theatre Company, CA

California                                                   Madeline                                         James Armstrong Theatre, CA

Twelfth Night                                             Fabian                                            Ethos Theatre Company, CA

The 24 Hour Plays                                     Christine                                        The Space Theatre, CA

Petticoat Fever                                          Snow Bird                                     Glendale Centre Theatre, CA         

Beauty and the Beast                               Serafina                                         Prairie Fire Theatre, MN

Commercial conflicts available upon request


Scene Study                                             Ivana Chubbuck Studio

Bachelor Degree in Theatre                      Ball State University

Intermediate Level Improv                         Groundlings                                                               

Scene Study                                             Al Mancini/Gary Grossman      

Stand-up Comedy                                     Greg Dean                                   

Modern Theatre                                        Frederique Michel                     

Voice Workshop                                       Seth Riggs                                   

National Exchange Study                          California State University     

Study Abroad Program                              Westminster College                

Private Voice Instruction                           Michael Emshwiller         



Ventriloquism, Improvisation, Stand-up Comedy, Singing, Theatrical Make-up, Cheerleading, Photography, Knitting, Costume Characters, Dance, Valid Driver’s License & Passport, Accents: Cockney, Proper British, Brooklyn, Old South, Southern & character voices

* Winner of Best 3-5 minute film catagory at 168 Hour Film Festival               

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Photos from set
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